Allow us to introduce you to some pretty incredible athletes. These are stories about women, told by women. 

"I fought a million times before I stepped into a ring."

- Heather "the Heat" Hardy: Undefeated professional boxer (20-0) and MMA fighter (1-0), the first professional athlete to be co-promoted in boxing and MMA


Our Mission

The KNOCKOUT TIMES champions female athletes. We celebrate competition and being active. We highlight challenges females face with respect to pay, sponsorship, media coverage, representation, body image perception, among so many others.   

By championing athletes, celebrating competition and bringing issues to light, we hope to ramp up and accelerate the change that is underway for women in sports specifically but also women generally. 

Get on board. Tell us your story.  Don't have a story? Go out out and create one and invite us along to help you document the journey!

“Women get the attention when we get into the men's arena and that's sad.”




percentage of high school girls who participate in sports; up from 7% four decades ago


percentage of women who report on sports in the media


percentage of network television coverage given to women's sports

While we are pleased with the progress that's been made for women in sport over the years, we're not yet satisfied. 

When girls in the 10th grade are producing content like this in 2017 we realize there's so much more that needs to change:

Hello, World!

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